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Omg, OMG, I just arrived at the hotel you shipped my flowers too and they are stunning. I cannot believe the quality and beautiful packaging. Best kept floral secret in the wedding industry. Thank you, thank you, for assuring baby girls wedding --- Susanne,  Waco                        Very pleased with the flowers and the experience! We had originally went with another company who was not responsive and switched to Bunches Direct a week prior to the event! They were great and put my nerves at ease!  --- Sonia,  Cleveland                        The flowers were very pretty. I was worried because it was 108 degrees. They lasted through the wedding and the next hot day. --- Kris,  Atlanta                        I had a lot more petals than I needed but I would rather have had more than less, they stayed fresh in the fridge and were perfect for my wedding. --- Debbie,  Phoenix                        AMAZING SERVICE! Will definitely use again for future events! :) --- Donna,  Utica                        Beautiful flowers at an incredibly affordable price. If not for BunchesDirect, I would have foregone flowers altogether. --- Jennifer,  Cincinnati                        From our very first encounter with you guys to our very last, I have been blown away by everything. We received soooo many compliments from people about the flowers. --- Jocelyn,  Denver                        Thank you for pulling the Rabbit out of the hat in such short notice. You were able to prepare and deliver such wonderful bouquets for our wedding --- Briana,  Portland                        Well I couldn't have asked for a more perfect bouquet than what you and your staff provided for us. --- Atlanta,  Mary                        WOW!! Wow, Wow! The bouquets were such an amazing compliment to an already fantastic day. --- Zoey,  Jackson                        Your staff were so great and the decor looked beautiful. We received so many compliments on the centerpieces and even more on my arrangement. Thank you! --- Emma,  Sterling Heights                        Couldn't have asked for a better wedding. Thank you for helping us plan our special day and the flowers were gorgeous --- Rebecca,  Macon                        The flowers were wonderful, the staff were professional, competent and friendly, and the event was a success thanks to the support of companies such as Bunches Direct. --- Leslie,  Oakland                        The presentation was elegant and simple, just what I was looking for. THANK YOU! --- Maddison,  Charlotte                        We were thrilled with the flowers you provided at our son’s wedding. --- Alayna,  Detroit                        The best choice I could have made for my wedding. --- Violet,  Reno                        The level of professionalism by staff and ability to make me feel at ease was incredibly reassuring. --- Brooke,  Jacksonville                        We loved the bouquets more than we ever imagined we would! --- Riverside ,  Breanna                        Outstanding is the only word that begins to describe the roses and calla lilies that we recieved. --- Hayley,  Memphis                        Your flowers provided a gorgeous backdrop for a beautiful wedding.  --- Chloe,  Buffalo                        I've spent many years planning my wedding and if anyone ever asks me how you can achieve your dream wedding on a budget, this is it. --- Monica,  Phoenix                        The staff were helpful and flexible, allowing me to have a customized wedding bouquet which suited me perfectly! --- Christina,  Oklahoma City                        Such a spectacular evening and your flowers made the evening so special for me. You are all so professional and helpful.  --- Alexa,  Columbus                        Tons of compliments on the flowers, and certainly no shortage of guests wanting to take the centerpieces home. --- Daisy,  Cincinnati                        Thank you for everything you did for and your team are simply Ah-mazing!! --- Jazmine,  Salt Lake City                        Ashley was extremely helpful in assisting me with a custom arrangement for an upcoming wedding on short notice. She provided recommendations and turned around a quote in such a small timeframe.  --- Lillian,  Grand Rapids                        Your hydrangeas were amazing!! I had no idea they were so big until I opened the first box!  --- Carolina,  Boston                        I just wanted to send a quick note to say how pleased I am with your company, service, and quality of flowers --- Megan,  Los Angeles                        The roses were outstanding. Thank you to all the staff that made it a day to remember. --- Ana,  Oakland                        The flowers were wonderful, and the service made us feel really comfortable with purchasing online, with great help and advice. --- Madison,  New Orleans                        I just wanted to say thank you very much for organizing our wedding flowers they were beautiful --- Summer,  Kansas City                        God blessed us with a beautiful day and you made everything so stress free. --- Nicole,  Pasadena                        I want to say thank you for making my mother's wedding so perfect --- Courtney,   Chicago                        Just took my breath away, the flowers looked absolutely amazing! --- Nina,  Sacramento                        I know we made alot of requests and changes but everything that was asked for you delivered and more. --- Murielle,  Seattle                        Thank you for making our wedding truly memorable. You took care of everything and the flowers looked incredible. --- Laura,  Coral Springs                        Thank you again for such a memorable moment in our lives, the Wedding was great. --- Jenn,  Birmingham                        My 1/2 price custom wedding flowers were everything I had hoped for :) - thanks again! --- Kathy,  Denver                        I took advantage of the free Bunches Bob consultation and am thankful I did - thanks for your ideas Bob! --- Kelly,  San Diego                        Thank you BunchesDirect! The flowers were amazing.... --- Leah,  Dallas                        Not only were the Wedding Flowers absolutely gorgeous but we saved over $500!!!! --- Mary,  Washington                        I have to admit I was concerned about buying my Wedding Flowers online but BunchesDirect delivered as promised --- Linda,  Chicago                        The roses were so fresh people could smell them in the back row! --- Alice,  New York                        All I can say is Wow! The entire order was breathtaking - I couldn't be happier --- Wendy,  Orlando                        Just back from Honeymoon - wanted to express my gratitude for coming thru as promised! Flowers were amazing - thanks again Bunches --- Jennifer,  Tempe


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Bulk Carnations


BunchesDirect offers Bulk Carnations with the lowest price, guaranteed; perfect for Hotels, Restaurants, Event Planners and DIY Weddings. Save 70% on Bulk Carnations everyday! Carnations are a classic flower that symbolize compassion and love. Carnations make wonderful wedding flowers and are great in bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

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Red Carnations


Red Carnations

The Red Carnation is a classic romantic flower. It makes a strong yet beautiful statement when placed in your wedding bouquets and flower decorations. Get this beautiful flower shipped fresh from our farms at the best wholesale prices

$0.79 per stem

Pink Carnations


Pink Carnations

The Pink Carnation symbolizes splendid beauty. The soft hue of this Carnation makes it an ideal addition to your wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. Get this stunning Pink Carnation shipped fresh from our farms at an excitingly low bulk price.

$0.79 per stem

White Carnations


White Carnations

The elegant White Carnation represents pure love and innocence. They are easy to care for which makes them an excellent addition to your decorations, wedding bouquets, and arrangements. Our White Carnations are shipped in bulk old at

$0.79 per stem

Hot Pink Carnations


Hot Pink Carnations

The Hot Pink Carnation give a warm and cheerful feeling through its vibrant color. Get this enchanting flower shipped fresh from our farms at the best wholesale prices.

$0.79 per stem

Yellow Carnations


Yellow Carnations

Our Yellow Carnations are traditional beautiful flowers that bring a sunny smile to anyone who sees them. Order your shipment of our farm fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep.

$0.79 per stem

Orange Carnations


Orange Carnations

The orange Carnation is a gorgeous flower. Its deep, bold color spreads all over its bloom adding depth to its ruffled round shape. Get theses fresh cut flowers delivered at a wholesale rates.

$0.79 per stem

Purple Carnations


Purple Carnations

The addition of Purple Carnation’s to your wedding bouquet will make it look striking. The Purple Carnation adds depth and sophistication to your floral decorations. Get your bulk order of Purple Carnations delivered at wholesale prices.

$0.79 per stem

Box of  Red Carnations


Box of Red Carnations

Our fresh cut red carnations are a classic and timeless look, perfect for floral arrangements, wedding centerpieces or bridal bouquets. Sold in bulk at wholesale prices to save you money.


Box of  White Carnations


Box of White Carnations

Simple, classic and extraordinarily beautiful, our white carnations are ideal for bridal bouquets. Shipped in bulk and delivered at wholesale prices to save you money.


Box of  Hot Pink Carnations


Box of Hot Pink Carnations

Add an exciting touch to your floral arrangement with our hot pink carnations, sold in boxes of 150 at wholesale prices for unbeatable value.


Box of  Yellow Carnations


Box of Yellow Carnations

With its deep, ruffled petals and lively, fun coloring, these yellow carnations are perfect to brighten your special day. Perfect for use in wedding floral arrangements, shipped at wholesale prices for a great value.


Box of  Orange Carnations


Box of Orange Carnations

Our Orange Carnations are fresh cut, breathtaking and bold. Perfect for use in wedding bouquets, centerpieces or floral arrangements. Sold in bulk at wholesale prices for the best value you'll find.


Box of  Pink Carnations


Box of Pink Carnations

Our fresh cut wholesale Pink Carnations offer a classic, delicate look for your Wedding floral arrangement. Delivered in bulk at wholesale prices to save you money.


Box of  Purple Carnations


Box of Purple Carnations

Our fresh cut purple carnations are perfect for Mother's Day and weddings. Bold and stunning, delivered in bulk at a wholesale price for the best value around.


Box of  Orange Mini Carnations


Box of Orange Mini Carnations

A fresh and trendy choice for wedding bouquets or floral arrangements, our Orange Mini Carnations are sold in boxes of 150 at an unbeatable wholesale price.


Box of  Yellow Mini Carnations


Box of Yellow Mini Carnations

Our Yellow Mini Carnations are a striking choice for wedding bouquets or floral arrangements with each stem produces about 3 to 5 blooms. Fresh and fun, our flowers are shipped in bulk at wholesale rates for the best prices around.


Box of  Pink Mini Carnations


Box of Pink Mini Carnations

Elegant and sophisticated, our pink Mini Carnations produce 3 to 5 blooms per stem, ideal for wedding bouquets. Shipped in bulk at wholesale prices to save you money.


Box of  Purple Mini Carnations


Box of Purple Mini Carnations

Our Purple Mini Carnations provide a regal element to your wedding bouquet or floral arrangements. Available in bulk and delivered at wholesale prices for unbeatable value.


Box of  Red Mini Carnations


Box of Red Mini Carnations

A classic addition to your wedding bouquet or floral arrangements, with ruffled petals blossoming into gorgeous circular blooms. Sold in bulk at wholesale prices to save you money.


Box of  White Mini Carnations


Box of White Mini Carnations

Our white Mini Carnations are a gorgeous to your wedding bouquets or floral arrangements. Sold in bulk and delivered at wholesale rates to save you money.


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